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Semrush free trial: Try the Semrush Pro Plan for Free

Try out the powerful Semrush Pro plan or the Pro + ContentShake AI bundle for 7 days absolutely free!

Looking for something different?

Introducing ContentShake AI:

ContentShake AI combines the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT with Semrush’s SEO data in a user-friendly platform. It offers content ideas, finds keywords, generates content, and optimizes it for you effortlessly. When paired with the Semrush Pro plan, it becomes a fantastic tool for boosting your organic traffic. With the Pro plan, you can conduct an in-depth competitive analysis and plan your content strategy, and then you can switch to ContentShake AI to create content that’s ready to rank high.

ContentShake AI Features:

  • Content Ideas: Get weekly suggestions based on real trends.
  • Content Writing: Generates articles ready to rank on any topic.
  • Keyword Integration: Automatically finds and uses target keywords.
  • SERP Analysis: Analyzes competitors and matches search intent.
  • Images: Offers free stock photos and generates high-quality AI images.
  • Content Editing: Provides a content editor with AI features and chat.
  • Content Optimization: Highlights SEO, readability, and tone issues and helps fix them.
  • Publishing: Sends content directly to WordPress or Google Docs.
  • Chrome Extension: Unlimited access to the AI Writing Wizard from Chrome.

Pricing: Start with a 7-day free trial.

The Pro + ContentShake AI bundle costs $189.95 per month.

How Semrush Boosts Your Site’s Success

“The key to the success of my website lies in conducting a thorough analysis of search engine results. This involves maintaining the health of my site, studying the strategies of competitors, and utilizing their keywords to achieve success. Semrush has proven to be the ideal tool for these purposes. You are here because you recognize that Semrush can assist you in boosting your ranking, discovering excellent keywords, monitoring competitors, and enhancing your site’s performance.”

Why You Should Use Semrush:

Easy Keyword Research:

Semrush helps you find profitable, low-competition keywords. You can enter your main keywords to get new, rankable keywords with search volume and cost-per-click data. You can also enter a competitor’s URL to see the keywords driving their traffic, then use those keywords to your advantage.

Backlink Analysis:

Check your own and competitors’ backlink profiles, including recent additions, anchor text, page scores, and more, quickly and easily.

Site Audits:

This feature helps you keep your site healthy by finding and fixing issues.

AdWords Strategy Monitoring:

It’s not for everyone, but useful if you have a small budget. Semrush’s PLA research tool lets you see AdWords ads for any keyword phrase, track competitors’ ads, and bid on those keywords.

Position Tracking:

Keep track of your keyword rankings and analyze changes to see what’s working.

Should You Use ContentShake AI + Semrush Pro?

Yes, ContentShake AI is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance content creation, whether they are beginners, a small team, professionals, or an agency. When used alongside Semrush Pro, you can:

– Analyze competitors and their organic presence.

– Conduct keyword gap analyses to identify content opportunities.

– Monitor and enhance your backlink profile.

– Track your organic rankings all in one place.

– Receive weekly content ideas based on trending topics.

– Produce SEO-friendly articles using a user-friendly editor and AI chat.

– Enhance content with ContentShake AI’s content score to improve SEO, readability, and tone.

– Publish directly to WordPress or export to Google Docs.

  • – Utilize the AI Writing Wizard Chrome extension for improved writing on the go.

Exclusive Semrush Discount Code: Get Semrush Free!

How can Blogger Ocean readers access the exclusive discount for Semrush?

I’ve partnered with Semrush to offer a special discount for Blogger Ocean readers. So you can try the Semrush Pro account or the Pro + ContentShake AI account free for 7 days, valued at $59.97 ($119.95/month) and $94.98 ($189.95/month), respectively.

How to Get the Semrush Free Trial:

  1. Choose your plan and click the button to go to the signup page.

Choose Your Trial:

  1. Go to the Blogger Ocean & Semrush special offer page. Click on “TRY IT FREE.”
  2. Enter your email and password to create your account.
  3. Semrush will send a code to your email. Enter it to confirm your email.
  4. Provide your billing info and click “Place the order.” Make sure the charge is $0.00. This temporary verification charge will be refunded. It confirms your account is legitimate.

Note: After the trial, your payment will be automatically processed, and you will be upgraded to the selected plan by Semrush. Enjoy your courtesy Semrush free trial from Blogger Ocean.

FAQs: Semrush Free Trial

Can I cancel my Semrush account after the trial to avoid charges?

Yes, send a cancellation request to Cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges.

Can I subscribe to Semrush Pro and ContentShake AI separately?

No, ContentShake is only for existing Semrush users. A free plan with limited features is available.

Do I need a credit card for the Semrush trial?

Yes, a credit card is required for registration. It will be used for billing after the trial.

Remember this important tip:

Take advantage of the Semrush free trial to collect numerous keywords, backlink data, and competitor research. Analyze your competitors’ reports to gather valuable data that will aid you in building a profitable website until you can invest in a paid Semrush subscription.

Get Started:

  • Semrush Pro Trial
  • Pro + ContentShake AI Trial

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